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A systematic approach to air conditioning service

As a principal activity, air conditioning service is where we can be of great benefit to our clients. Good, regular maintenance service ensures that your air conditioning will work when you need it most and will keep on working through the years. Over time we have refined our  procedures to ensure that:

  • The equipment we maintain keeps on working to provide comfortable conditions for your staff, clients and visitors.

  • The equipment’s efficiency is maximised and its life cycle extended.

  • Any breakdowns are reduced to a minimum.

  • In the case of computer rooms, we can help maintain a temperature-controlled environment for your valuable equipment.


To achieve the above we take a systematic approach to service, which includes:

  • Carrying out the maintenance to a high standard, in compliance with our thorough, yet practical, equipment service schedules.

  • Carrying out the maintenance on a regular basis, with consideration to the type of equipment, its age and its use.

Our experienced technicians are considerate of your staff, and will liaise with them at all times to ensure that any servicing is carried out when convenient and with a minimum of fuss. DQ Electrical & Air-Conditioning Services carry out regular scheduled air conditioning service for our growing customer base including aged care, health care, and various domestic and commercial facilities. We’d be pleased to supply more information or an obligation-free maintenance proposal.

Having regular air conditioning service will also mean that your system will run more efficiently and increase the life of your system whilst reducing the likelihood of it breaking down.

Having an air conditioning service will mean:

  • Servicing the system change of belts and filters will extend its life

  • Our trained technicians can repair or replace faults or damages like leaking ducts

  • Correct Temperature control means better energy efficiency

  • Cleaning filters means better quality air and a more pleasant environment

  • Compliance to relevant regulations, standards and codes

  • Technicians can identify strategies to improve building performance

Regular maintenance programs are practical and easy to implement with minimal disruption to your business. We keep an air conditioning maintenance schedule for your system, so you don’t ever have to remember to call us. We maintain constant communication with you and your staff.

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