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It goes without saying that a room is more comfortable when fitted with proper ventilation. It doesn’t matter if you want the cold air to seep out, or if you want to welcome the coolness into your room. As long as you have a working ventilation system, your friends and family will have no temperature issues when staying over.

Here at DQ Electrical & Air-Conditioning Services, we specialise in providing ventilation systems across Sydney's Western Suburbs. If you want to experience fresh and comfortable air in your living or working space, installing ventilation systems would be your best bet!

Keep your room clean and healthy with good ventilation


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Having a good ventilation system goes beyond the improvement of the general temperature of your space. If you want to have access to clean and fresh air, you must install ventilation elements like exhaust fans, ceiling fans, and others. Having ventilation like the ones mentioned will not just give you access to fresh air but will also keep your room from accumulating mould and other harmful elements.

No one wants to get ill, especially not from something you can prevent. Here at Lakeside Air, we want nothing but the best air circulation in your residential or commercial property.

Choose the best ventilation system for your home


We offer various types of ventilation systems— from the simple exhaust fan to in-ceiling ventilation and air transfer systems. We know what type of installation works well with particular rooms, and we understand the complexities that come with installing ventilation systems in different homes. Choose the ventilation system that works best with the type of room you have and see the difference it makes!


Our ventilation installation services include:

  • Exhaust fans replace or install a new exhaust fan in bathrooms or laundry’s to keep your home mould free.

  • In ceiling ventilation to cool roof spaces.

  • Air transfer systems for a more even use of heat from a fire place.

  • Under floor ventilation for drying out sub floor areas.

  • Ceiling fans

Get only top-quality ventilation system from DQ Electrical & Air-Conditioning Services.

If you want to make your home feel and smell fresh, adding appropriate ventilation systems will be a huge help. You do not need to go overboard. A couple of well-placed ventilation systems will definitely do the trick.

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