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It Is Time to Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

How Solar Works?

Our solar power solutions in Sydney 


If you’re living in Sydney look no further, because our team at  is the answer for all your solar power needs and questions. We're located in Sydney, New South Wales and supply and install high-quality solar power systems across both metro and regional areas. We’re leaders in the industry with a reputation for excellent service and consultation with solar power customers across Sydney, so if you're considering going solar, look no further!

Safe & Reliable.

Take Control of Your Power Production


We supply and install a wide range of solar power products including the best inverters and solar panels on the market. Having dealt directly with popular and respected manufacturers for over ten years, our fantastic relationships with them allow us to provide exceptional deals on solar power systems for our Sydney customers.

Solar Specialists in Sydney 


If you are finding it difficult to choose, don't hesitate to contact us. We can elaborate on any products so that you make a truly informed solar power decision for your situation.

How much can I save with solar power in Sydney?

The amount of money you can save on your power bill by installing a solar power system in your Sydney home depends on your household’s energy consumption patterns as well as where your solar panels are positioned. The way your panels are oriented, their tilt and the presence of shade all affect the amount of electricity they produce and are all important factors in determining your savings. However, the table below can give you an indication of the kind of savings you can expect:

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 2_42_edited.jpg.webp
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